Backwash Instructions for a Sand Filter

Watch the video above or read the instructions below to find out how to backwash a sand filter. 

Below are written backwash instructions.

•1 Shut off the pump.

•2 Ensure that the backwash hose is attached to your pool filter and roll it out to an area that won't flood. Some sand filters don't have a backwash hose to roll out because they are hard PVC piped to an underground drain.

•3 Turn the multiport valve clockwise to "Backwash" or a 2 Position Valve to the down position.

The first photo below shows a Multiport, the second photo, a 2 Position or Slide Valve.

•4 Turn on pool pump. Watch the water coming through the backwash hose (or in the site glass on hard PVC) until the dirty water turns clear (or approximately 1 to 2 minutes).

•5 Shut off the pool pump and move multi port valve clockwise to the "Rinse" cycle. Turn on pump for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. (2 Position Valve...skip #5)

•6 Turn off pool pump. Turn the multiport valve clockwise to "Filter". (2 position valve move to the up postion and turn the handle to lock it.) Turn pump on. Add additional water to maintain the proper level.

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