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1. What optional item is put underground on pool circulation systems that is going to make future leak detection and repair very difficult in the future? (Save hundreds of $$ by not installing)

2. What optional item is installed on pool systems all over the world that makes it impossible to keep the ph adjusted properly? (Save over $1000 by not installing)

3. What kind of valve is going to needlessly complicate your system and cause costly service calls? (Save hundreds of $$ by not installing)

4. Why is it wrong to put a gas pool heater on many pool systems? (Save hundreds of $$ by not installing)

5. Of the 3 types of pool filters, which one is going to make my life the easiest?  (Save many hours $$ of pool filter maintenance time)

6. Where are the 2 places that the pool pump should never be located? (Save hundreds of $$ of frustrations and extra time $$ on service calls)

7. What should always be installed with a cartridge filter but rarely is? (Save $$ by installing this useful item)

8. What should be installed with every automatic chlorinator but often is not? (Save hundreds of repair and replacement $$ by installing)

9. Why is it important to consider the pool cover before building the pool? (Save hundreds of $$ by not installing planning for your cover before building the pool. )

10. What pool system controls are hated by pool techs, very costly to install and service, and will needlessly complicate my pool system? (Save hundreds of $$ by not installing)

11. What type of pump lid will make pump priming the easiest?

12. Should I build an enclosure around my equipment pad? (Save hundreds of $$ by doing this right)

13. What feature should be built into the lower pool of a negative edge pool design but rarely is? (Save many hours $$ of future struggles with the lower pool)

14. What type of pool cover should I never buy? (Save thousands of $$ by not installing)

15. What item should be plumbed onto every backwash line but almost never is? (Save hundreds of $$ of water bills and service calls by installing)

16. What is installed in many gunite pools that will require hiring a scuba diver to repair in the future? (Save hundreds of $$ by not installing)

As a 20+ year pool veteran I would charge you $85/hr to consult with you about a pool building project if you lived in the Tulsa area......

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