Pool Safety Fence

A pool safety fence can be a crucial piece of equipment to have in order to protect your child or pet from accidentally falling into your pool and drowning. These stylish mesh fences are perfect for any household with small children and or pets running around outside. A safety fence will ensure that, if your child gets outside without your knowing, or if they are playing with a friend near the pool, they will not accidentally fall in. You will have the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your kids are safe all because you took an extra safety measure and got a safety fence for your outside pool or spa.  

Pool safety fences aren’t like most fences. These fences have many functions and capabilities that make them unique in the fencing world.

What Makes These Fences Different From Others?

Pool safety fences are made of a lightweight but durable mesh material. This allows you to see through the fence to know exactly what’s going on on the other side of it. It also makes the fence more kid friendly as running into the mesh material of the fence will not only keep your child from falling into the pool but will also leave them unharmed from accidental collisions with the fence due to the give that the material has. 

The Gate Is One Of A Kind

The pool safety fence comes with a gate that you can swing open and shut but one good thing about this gate is it swings shut automatically after you open it, so you don’t have to try and remember to close it every time you open it. In order to open the gate you have to pull up on a lever on the top of the gate. This makes it harder for kids to open the gate when its unlocked by accident. The pool safety fence gate also comes with a lock and key so you don’t have to worry about the little ones getting through when you’re not looking.

Pool Safety Fences Are Easy To Remove!

Pool safety fences can be removed and stored away in a matter of minutes. You can have that beautiful Loop-Loc pool cover during the winter time and a pool safety fence during the summer time. Or maybe the kids are gone, you invite some friends over for a pool party, but you don’t want the pool safety fence to be in the way during your party. This is not a problem with a pool safety fence.

Please Give Us A Call

If you are interested in a pool safety fence, give Metro Pool Service a call and let us refer you to an excellent pool safety fence builder. You will not be disappointed.

For peace of mind and a safer back yard call 918-622-4400.

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