Tulsa Pool Demolition 

The most common scenario for pool demolition in Tulsa and the surrounding area is when a pool is not used much anymore and needs expensive work like a replaster job as well as major equipment or structural renovation. 

The price tag for fixing issues like these can make a pool owner want to put their pool out of it's misery permanently.

Pool demolition may be the best solution if your pool just doesn't make economic sense for you anymore. Watch the following video to see how it is done.

Who Should I Hire?

Before you hire the first guy you know with a tractor to start filling your pool in with dirt, there are several important issues to consider. 

Permits for Pool Demolition

Is a permit required?  You need to hire someone who understands how to get the proper permit so that your job is done correctly and legally. 


Has the person you are hiring actually closed pools before?  Does he understand that the concrete floor of the pool must be broken up to allow for proper drainage?

Does he understand how to safely and legally handle removing the electric lines that run to your pump, pool lights and other equipment? Is he going to properly compact the fill dirt so that it doesn't settle in the future leaving an annoying low spot in your yard?

Debris Removal

Are you going to put the pool removal debris into the hole and just cover it with topsoil, or are you going to haul off all of the debris leaving no evidence of a pool behind?  Of course hauling off all of the debris is going to be more expensive, so most people choose to toss it all into the hole and just cover it up.

Selling In the Future

Many areas of the country require you to disclose to any future buyer of your property that there was a pool in the yard in the past unless all of the debris is hauled off.  So if you plan to sell your property, this is something to consider.

Heavy Equipment and Property Damage

Plan ahead with the contractor to prevent property damage.  The heavy equipment tracks can cause damage to your driveway, sewage lateral lines, french drains, etc.  Make sure he understands what lies beneath the ground (out of sight) that needs special care.

CLICK HERE to see some photos of pool demolition projects in the Tulsa Metro area.

If the end time has come for your pool, Metro Pool Service can connect you with qualified pool demolition experts. Give us a call today at 918-622-4400.

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